Enhanced setting options

Enhanced setting options for the chiptuning reseller

For "registered partner companies" there is the option of optimally adjusting the tuning chips software by means of a "CHIP-CONFIGURATOR" to other vehicle types or, as may apply, fuel injection systems. Fine tuning and your own "KNOW HOW" can be brought along.

  • Many specialist "Kueberl Tuning wholesalers" prefer setting their own parameters
  • On request we will make the basic equipment available (hardware, software, adapter, programming tool). The chiptuning wholesaler is able to bring along its own parameters and settings. As required it can market the product under its own name or use our "Kueberl Tuning" brand.
  • For this reason it also makes sense to contact the dealer from whom the chip was purchased with any technical questions.

Benefit for the chiptuning dealer

  • Neutral products without being identified
  • Less storage as can be individually set
  • Your own "KNOW HOW" can be brought along
  • Individual programming with regard to performance, consumption, response etc.
  • Service, development and production since 1997 in Austria

Important information

The "chip configurator" is sold exclusively to "registered Kueberl Tuning wholesalers with chiptuning experience". Specialist knowledge is required with engine map settings or, as may apply, parameter settings. Incorrectly setting the engine maps may lead to regulation problems or, as may apply, switching to emergency mode.


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