Operating principle

Operation of Kueberl chiptuning for common rail fuel injection systems

Scope of application

For some years, all modern diesel engines have almost exclusively been fitted with modern common rails fuel injection technology. Supercharged diesel engines have a number of electronic sensors that communicate with the engine control unit and send information from the engine to the engine control unit.

Chiptuning principle

Right at this point the KUEBERL TUNING CHIP switches on and optimises performance in real time by means of very precisely controlled changes to the rail pressure signal depending on various parameters (engine map optimisation). This recalculated fuel injection flow or, as may apply, the required boost pressure are carefully fed to the fuel injection system by means of the original engine map stored.

Decisive advantage

DIRECTLY by the original engine control unit and sent to the engine, the intelligent and economic tuning is in the tolerance range of the monitoring engine control unit's original fault identification system.

In other words

Where the tuning was high enough to damage the engine, the original engine control unit, via the original programmed fault identification systems, would recognise the intervention and, as a result, put the vehicle in emergency mode. With this engine tuning, neither the original engine control unit software nor the programmed fault identification systems are changed or, as may apply, switched off.


Increased efficiency due to increased torque and extra performance leads to more powerful acceleration and more agile response. Therefore more fun when driving!

The latest KUEBERL TUNING CHIP is equipped with modern "three-in-one-technology". This means that the chip already switches on in the lowest engine speed or, as may apply, load range and makes so-called "accelerator tuning" superfluous. The same principle underpins ECO tuning.

Three-in one technology

  • "CHIPTUNING" by means of an additional module
  • Integrated "ACCELERATOR TUNING" function
  • Integrated "ECO TUNING" function

Advantages over traditional tuning boxes

  • Shorter installation time and money saved as only 1 device
  • Quicker, more agile response
  • Easier overtaking
  • Shorter reaction time
  • Better acceleration
  • Correction of start-up problems or, as may apply, "turbo lag"

Tuning box design

The modern, slim "housing design" allowing the best possible positioning, sometimes in tight engine compartments, to be guaranteed is to be emphasised. When designing the product, much emphasis is placed on:

  • Autonomy
  • Small or, as may apply, narrow housings
  • An attractive and functional design
  • Housing cover with a clear glass look (with modern LEDs and potentiometer)



Latest fully digital components "made in Austria since 1997".


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