A "chip configurator" is a special Kueberl Tuning tool that communicates between a computer and the tuning chip.

The tuning chip is connected to the computer's USB interface by means of the programming cable. Special Kueberl tuning software allows certain "disclosed parameters" to be either read or, as may apply, altered.

For example, the software number and type can be read. Specific "disclosed parameters" such as the switch-on time, tuning curve, LED and potentiometer controls etc. can be altered. It is therefore a far-reaching intervention. 

The "chip configurator" tool contains the software and a special programming cable with hardware.

As the "chip configurator" allows profound changes to the engine map by setting parameters, only registered partner companies are allowed to purchase the "chip configurator".

Specialist knowledge is required with engine map settings or, as may apply, parameter settings. Incorrectly setting the engine maps may lead to regulation problems or, as may apply, switching to emergency mode.

  • It allows chiptuning dealers to use their own specific or, as may apply, developed "chip software parameter settings".
  • Or, for example, also adapt the tuning chip to the respective type of vehicle or, as may apply, fuel injection (with the advantage of small storage space as it can be set individually).
  • It make no sense at all for "private" or "one-off" customers to purchase a chip configuration because the wrong parameters could also be set. In principle, the chip is in any event perfectly adapted to the vehicle type subject to the order for private customers and does not need to be altered again.

The "chip configurator" STARTER SET costs €100.00 without the adapter. There may be additional costs associated with the adapter versions. The "chip configurator" is only sold to "registered Küberl Tuning wholesalers with chip tuning experience".


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